Ashtar Peace Pearls


Omar ta satt dear lightworkers,


it is a great pleasure to me to invite you to another healing project for Sol'A'Vana (Mother Earth).
Adonai Ashtar Sheran has called upon me to energize cosmic peace pearls and distribute them around Sol'A'Vana. These pearls bring peace, harmony and cosmic connection. They create a network through which the confederation of peace can profoundly work on our planet. They balance tensions and frictions, bring the different energies in accordance with the divine order - and open up access for the cosmic energies, dimensions and entities.


This cosmic connection is of crucial importance for our planet. We may over this long times mostly have forgotten these dimensions in our consciousness and believe, they had to do with us only little. But our planet does not exist isolated. It is part of the cosmos, part of the universal order, part of a community. The energies and beings coming from outside take care of important tasks in the layers of Sol'A'Vana - and especially in these times, as we are in the process of fully reuniting with the whole universe, our cosmic companions are intensely dedicated to raise, support and heal Lady Shyenna (Lady Gaia), Sol'A'Vana and us.


The pearls are made with Adonai Ashtar Sheran and the Confederation of peace and build a gateway for a multitude of various light beings, who thereby gain access (or deeper access) to our planet. Especially known to us are the Arcturians, but there are so many more! They work in the layers of Sol'A'Vana, install light technology, transform indurated structures and fulfil many important jobs, we  - insofar it is not our concern - do not even know about.


The first placing of such an Ashtar peace pearl deeply touched me. There were so many diverse beings coming down and instantly began working for the planet and us. That made me realize how much these beings belong here, how important they are to us, although originating from somewhere else. They also directly started installing a kind of ground station at that place.
The following placements, I found the beings who came a bit more specialized, according to the needs of the place. Deeply moving was an anchoring at an old powerful dragon's place. With the pearl the unicorns came down from cosmos. They united with the dragons and therefore the place was raised into the new time! (Both are deeply connected as dragons are the male and unicorns the female aspect.)




Anchoring of the pearls is similar to the magnetic pearls - and pretty simple. The energy and purpose is different and therefore the places which intuitively show might differ.


In general the pearls are useful everywhere: Highly vibrating places like peaceful spots in wilderness or old power places are raised in their energy, connected and the full range of energies can freely enfold itself - and also intensely emit to the surroundings. Places where different energies convene are balanced and stabilized through the pearls, thus harmony and peace can evolve. Therefore they also are specially useful for places in civilization - different people always bring different energies. Also places in wilderness, which have fallen out of order, places with old burdens, regions of transitions or borders ...


The pearls often are drawn to open spaces - like a landing place. Waters also are very appropriate.


Like the magnetic pearls the peace pearls spread widely and do not need to be placed closely. Generally a few kilometres would be good. However the physical distance is not decisive, more important are the energetic fields. So there is no absolute rule.


The places intuitively show. There are many proper locations, therefore it is easy to find a good place. To anchor the pearl, focus yourself and connect with Adonai Ashtar Sheran and the Confederation of peace, with the place, with Lady Shyenna (Lady Gaia) and Sol'A'Vana - and give the pearl. Hand it over like you give a present to a beloved being. The spiritual world performs the energetic process with the highest welfare.


Magnetic pearls and Ashtar peace pearls


Both grids of the magnetic and the peace pearls are distinct. However they have been connected in a ritual and support each other, but they stay independent.


In general it is good, if there already are magnetic pearls in a region you want to place peace pearls, or you put them there. They comprehensively support the basis energy, they open up and anchor all light energies deeply into the planetary grid. They create a great basis for an peace pearl (and other lightwork).


Special awareness is needed at burdened places! The magnetic pearls are all-embracing, integrating and neutral. They mostly are easily accepted, also without great preparation. Other energies, like the Ashtar pearls, already require a larger receptiveness to integrate themselves. So especially at such places a magnetic pearl is an ideal preparation to transform and re-establish the permeability for the cosmic energies.

You can anchor the pearls together. Usually for the different pearls different spots show up. It would be ideal, if the first pearl (mostly the magnetic one) had a little time to work through a bit. Just follow your fellings.


The Ashtar peace pearls also are free of charge. But donations for my work and expanses are also very welcome.


The peace pearls are iridescent and a bit smaller then the magnetic ones. That has no energetic meaning, I just did not get them the same size. Until now I have used the same marbles, now they are clearly distinguishable.


So you are warmly invited to take part in this project to spread out peace and connection to our cosmic friends!
An'Anasha, Tara'Dos, Don'Adas
Anna Alida